3 months to pay + double rewards
3 months to pay + double rewards


It’s Queen’s Birthday weekend, giving you an extra day to do all the things you love! Indulge with 3 months of no payments & no interest* and Double Rewards+ on every purchase from Friday 3 to Monday 6 June 2022.


Whether you’re hitting the long weekend sales, taking on a home DIY project, going out for brunch with friends or booking your winter escape, Flight Centre Mastercard® has you covered.


There’s no minimum spend and these offers are available everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Shop in-store and online around the world with no international transaction fees, ever!









Things you should know:


*3 months no payments and no interest (“Payment Holiday”) and Double Flight Centre Rewards (“Double Rewards”) is available on all in-store and online purchases made with Flight Centre Mastercard at accepting merchants Friday 3 – Monday 6 June 2022. Excludes cash advances, balance transfers, fees, interest charges or quasi-cash transactions. The purchase transaction date is determined by when the merchant processes the purchase and is outside of the control of Columbus Financial Services Limited (“Issuer”). Annual Account Fee of $50 applies. Standard Interest Rate, currently 22.95% p.a. applies to any outstanding balance at end of Payment Holiday. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.


+Double Rewards (“Double Rewards”) applies to all eligible purchases from Friday 3 – Monday 6 June 2022 New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) only (“Promotion Period”). Eligible purchases means all standard purchases made with your Flight Centre Mastercard excluding cash advances, balance transfers, interest charges and quasi-cash transactions. The transaction date is determined by when and where the merchant accepts the purchase and is outside of Columbus Financial Services Limited’s control. Purchases made overseas or online will be accepted in local time, which may affect eligibility. Double Rewards means two times the standard Flight Centre Rewards Points earn rate for all eligible purchases, e.g. Double Rewards are equal to 3.00 Flight Centre Rewards per NZ$100 spend. Purchases at Flight Centre New Zealand are not eligible for this promotion and will continue to earn 3.00 Flight Centre Rewards per NZ$100 spend. To be eligible for Double Rewards, your Flight Centre Mastercard account must remain open during the Promotion Period Double Rewards will be applied to your Flight Centre Mastercard account within 60 days of the end of the Promotion Period. Flight Centre Mastercard and Flight Centre terms and conditions apply. When redeemed, 1.00 reward will equate to a NZ$1 credit to your Flight Centre Mastercard account that may be used to make a purchase at Flight Centre New Zealand. Columbus Financial Services Limited reserves the right to extend, amend, suspend or terminate this offer and these terms and conditions at any time without notice.





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